How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Rabbit?

Rabbit neutering is the surgical removal of reproductive organs of a male or female rabbit. According to some studies, a rabbit that has been neutered has the chances of living a longer life because of the absence of the sexual aggression. Neutering a rabbit is known to be safe these days, and the technical term for neutering a female rabbit is called spaying. However, neutering is commonly used for either male or female.

Benefits of Neutering a Rabbit

One of the obvious benefits of neutering a rabbit is that he or she cannot reproduce. Rabbits are known to reproduce abundantly in a span of a month, and rabbit shelters and rescue homes are already packed with unwanted rabbits. So might as well prevent it from adding more. Another benefit is that a rabbit becomes healthier and will actually live longer. A female rabbit that has been spayed has almost no risk of reproductive cancers such as ovarian cancer, which unspayed female rabbits are very susceptible to. Meanwhile, a male bunny will be less dominant and hostile. Rabbits that have been neutered become calmer and friendlier, because they like living together and make more companions.

When Is A Rabbit Allowed To Be Neutered

Rabbits are only allowed to be neutered or spayed after they become sexually mature. Generally, female rabbits usually become mature at 4 months and male rabbits have their testicles descend at 3 ½ months. However, many veterinarians choose to wait longer than these months. Six months for female rabbits, while five months for male rabbits. While the rabbits have not been neutered yet, it is always advisable to keep them separated.

The Average Cost Of Neutering a Rabbit

Neutering a female rabbit is more expensive and the expenses usually depend on your veterinarian. The low end for the procedure alone costs somewhere between $150 to as high as $300. But for those living in a superior, populated metro area, the procedure can cost about $200 to $500 because of the higher cost of living.

Added Costs You Need To Know

An initial exam will be done that is usually not included in the total costs of the surgery. Most veterinarians charge about $50 to $150 for this exam alone. In the surgical procedure, the use of anesthesia will likely be an additional cost as well. After the surgery is done, there are required follow up visits that need to be made to make sure that the rabbit is healing properly.

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