Best 5 Pet Birds

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Dragon Age 2 – A Stunning RPG

Nearly all the members of the animal kingdom (save for a few special species) are social animals.

Finches are no exception; these birds need the companionship not only of the human owner but of other birds as well (preferably, another bird from the same species). So when you are ready to buy from a breeder or a pet shop, we highly recommend that you purchase at least two finches.

If you can, purchase two healthy male and female finches so you can also breed the birds later on. Avian offspring will easily come if the cage or aviary is constructed well and you are able to provide good lighting, adequate heat, and a healthy combination of seeds and live food items.

If you buy a single finch and place that animal in a small cage, the finch will experience stress and loneliness. You will not be able to fully enjoy the company of this exotic bird because it is pining for the companionship of its own species.

Often, finches can get used to other species of birds just so it can have someone to interact with inside the artificial habitat. Species like zebra finches are not picky with companions; as long as there are other birds in the cage or aviary, the zebra finch is relatively happy. So when you are buying a finch, always ask for at least two of each species.

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How Ready Is Your Home For A Finch?

Raising finches can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. A well-loved and healthy finch can become a constant, caring companion. Though finches cannot be as tame as other pet birds like parrots, these birds can be taught to eat from your hands and perch on your shoulder. Finches are also shy by nature and do not nip people’s fingers if they have adapted well to their life with new owners.

But the big question here is, are you ready to take care of these exotic birds? Here are some guiding questions to help you determine your level of preparedness:

  1. Are you ok with the fact that finches, even in a caged setting, will still show facets of finches in the wild? As we have mentioned earlier, finches are not as tame as other pet birds like canaries.
  1. Do you have space at home for a large cage or mini-aviary? Finches cannot be placed in small cages or purchased singly without a male of female companion. If you are going to take care of finches, you need to have adequate space for their own home.
  1. Are you prepared to clean their cage or aviary on a daily basis? Finches are very active birds and can make a real mess in their cage in a short period of time. Any mess inside the cage should be cleaned to prevent diseases from spreading.
  1. Do you have the extra budget to buy special food, vitamin supplements and medicine for your finches, if need be? Finches need a combination of natural foods like seeds and live food (larvae) to be healthy.

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Singstar For PS2

singstar for ps2 with microphone

Singstar has become of of the most bought PS2 game in South Africa. It has been number one on the Bestselling list on most of South Africas online stores. The store owners have reported an increase in number of sales and also the pre oder lis have been inceasing.

My advice to those loooking for this game in South Africa is, when you have the opportunity to buy this game, do not waste time, buy it immedately or you might wait for a long time next tile you want to buy it.

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PS2 Games

singstar for ps2 with microphone

This is one of the games that is taking the South African market by storm. Singstar For PS2 With Microphone is a deal make and lot of kids are carzy about it.

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Caring For Your Kittens

There is no doubt that kittens are absolutely adorable but they also require proper handling and care, especially in the early days to avoid both cat health problems and cat behavior problems. Whilst they are not really difficult to look after, they require certain attention to specific areas. This article examines some of the things that you need to take note of before getting a kitten.

Visit to the Vet

Before bringing your kitten home or immediately thereafter, make sure that you schedule a visit to the vet. It is important to check your kitten for major as well as minor cat health problems and also discuss with your vet its vaccination schedule. This will ensure a healthy cat in the long run.

Creating a Place for the Kitten

Similar to any new member of your family, kittens too require their own space in your home. It is important that this chosen place is comfortable, fun and safe for the kitten. Shopping for a bed for your kitten to sleep on or toys to play with is equally important when bringing home your new pet. Apart from ensuring that they enjoy their surroundings, new toys should be able to keep them occupied and not encourage them to attack your expensive and precious furniture.

Feeding Your Kitten

Kittens eat solid food at about four weeks of age and hence you can start with ready made cat food that is available over the counter. Make sure that all the necessary ingredients for good health and growth are in the chosen cat food. You can supplement her diet at times with minced meat or fish or even chicken but it is important to understand that this does not give kittens all the nutrition it requires.

House Training Your Kitten

Kittens are often litter trained by their mothers but in rare cases when you get one that is not, it is important to start litter training immediately. Signs such as sudden panic, vocal outburst, digging in bed or paper display the need to go to toilet and should be carefully considered when litter training. Praising your kitten for using the litter box correctly will help in training your kitten faster.

While these are just a small selection of things that you need to do to get involved in caring for your kittens, we hope that it’s a good starting point for new cat owners. Remember that you will have to cat proof your home before bringing home any kittens so as to minimize any damage to your furniture. Good luck!

Are you getting a kitten? Visit our website today and discover valuable tips for training a kitten!

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Tips to Use Advantage Flea Control for Your Cat

Research has proven that one female flea is capable of producing more than a trillion descendants within a year. Advantage flea control works by restricting the adult fleas from laying eggs. The active ingredient in the medication, imidacloprid, also kills larvae in less than 20 minutes of contact, thereby breaking the flea life cycle and eradicating the fleas on your cat. Besides, imidacloprid is completely water-resistant and works effectively even after exposure to harsh sunlight.

It prevents fleas from biting on your cat’s skin in 3-5 minutes of application. And, 98 to 100 percent of the fleas die in less than 12 hours. Fleas that re-infest are terminated within 2 hours. A single treatment with this medication can defend your cat from fleas for almost a month.

How to Effectively Apply Advantage Flea Control on Your Cat

This product is a topical solution, which is to be applied on your cat’s neck. It will seep through its coat and protect the whole-body from flea. Ensure that the product does not get in your cat’s’ mouth or eyes. It tastes bitter and may trigger chronic salvation for some time if your cat licks it when freshly applied on the skin.

Some other instruction guidelines to use Advantage Flea Control are:

  • Take only one applicator tube at a time from the package.
  • Hold the applicator tube in a vertical position.
  • Twist the cap to break the seal and pull it off from the tube.
  • Part the hair on your cat’s neck till the skin is visible.
  • Place the tube’s tip on your cat’s skin and squeeze the solution on it directly.
  • Discard the empty tube in the trash by wrapping it in multiple layers of paper. This is because if your cat accidentally tastes it, there may produce detrimental bodily reactions.

Safety Considerations

This product has lower toxicity than other traditional flea control medications, particularly those containing organophosphates or carbamates. A majority of veterinarians consider Advantage an effective and safe method of flea control. It even works on kittens as young as eight weeks old.

Advantage Flea Control can be safely used on lactating and pregnant cats. In fact, if your cat is nursing and undergoing treatment with this medication, the kittens will also be protected from fleas.

Hot to Buy Advantage Flea Control

This medication is available in two dosage sizes, in packages containing four or six tubes. Your cat will have to be weighed to be prescribed the right dosage. Advantage Flea Control can be purchased even without a vet’s prescription. You can get it at a veterinarian’s office or you could choose a more affordable option- buying it online.

Visit a reputable discount pet pharmacy like to get great deals on several branded and generic medications like Advantage Flea Control for keeping your cat hail and hearty. This site also offers live assistance to help you find the best medical solutions to your cat’s problems.

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